Women’s small business coaching: Leadership is like being a coach

Many small businesses begin as a one person show, until it grows enough to require hiring a team to ease up all the “doing” so you are able to continue the “being” of the business.  This stage of growth is a great sign for your success and it presents some different challenges.  I’ve been thinking about how “leading” a business (rather than doing it all yourself) is similar to coaching.  A good leader empowers others to make decisions and take action that aligns with the vision, purpose and strategies of your business. While you are totally committed to the business, the focus is on the team, empowering and rewarding them, listening to them on the front lines, who are your eyes that see and report valuable information for continued success.

As a “doer”, it is often much easier to just “do it yourself” instead of empowering and guiding the team. Leading through empowerment attains a culture of ownership and gratification in a job well done by the team. Having confidence in your skills and accomplishments allows you to get out of the way, and focus on helping them now execute the strategies/purpose/vision for the business.  The team looks to you for optimism, confidence and assurance; believing in them, inspiring and guiding them, can help them say “Oh, yes I can!” and prove to be capable and willing to stretch in achieving goals.

This business growth transition from “me” to “we” asks you to wear a different hat.  The quality of your leadership is measured by the successes of others, which in turn contributes to your business’ success.  Your challenge is to move beyond the “what” focus of tasks, guiding and empowering your team to execute that, to be the “doers” – and you wear the hat of leader, “being”,  holding the vision, the “why” focus of your business’ purpose.

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