What is
Life Coaching?

The Life Coaching Model

Behind every amazing person is a coach who helped them conquer roadblocks and take the risks necessary to maximize their potential. Athletes, executives, teachers, artists, doctors, parents….ordinary people who produced extraordinary results in their lives.

Dare to live a Stellar Life!

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership that inspires you to be your best; honors you as the expert in your life; operates on the belief that you are creative, resourceful and whole; continually designs the partnership to meet your needs, supports you in a 100% committed focus to achieve and sustain your goals as you change your life.

My Job as coach

  • Listen deeply to discover, clarify and align your goals with values, passion and purpose;
  • Customize your needs, looking at the whole of your life;
  • Support you in eliciting and discovering your own solutions and strategies;
  • Encourage and hold accountable your actions towards producing fulfilling results;
  • Deepen your learning, leverage your strengths and resources;
  • Maintain focus towards successful and sustainable achievement of your goals.

You, the Client

  • Are the expert on your life;
  • Are responsible for your progress and success, your individual development;
  • Bring your openness, curiosity, courage and commitment to


  • Clarity of a life design in which you step into greater competency, confidence and satisfaction in life;
  • Tools and skills that help you attain freedom from what holds you back and courage to move forward;
  • Fulfillment in living a meaningful life, guided by your own inner light and sustained by your own spirit.

The person who says it cannot be done should not
interrupt the person doing it.

– Chinese Proverb

The Process


Identify your needs – know your strengths, values and passions – identify what gets in the way.

A partnership is established that is built in the spirit of discovering who you are: your values, strengths, passions and purpose. In identifying what really matters to you, a vision for your future goals and dreams becomes clarified, and it is then this clear vision, from the spirit of who you are, that calls you forward.


Create the roadmap to your success – accountability to keep you on track.

Align Design
Enduring change occurs when action is consistent with your values. Taking an honest look at the current challenge, and the obstacles that may hinder success, while designing a structure and support that enables you to achieve your goals occurs in this stage. Creative collaboration, transformation of the old, and expansion into the new, opens you to life’s possibilities.

If we don’t change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.

– Chinese Proverb


Maintain awareness and action as you embody your personal growth.

Taking small steps consistently and successfully will bring you achievement of your goals. Integrating the changes on all levels (body, mind, spirit) calls you to wholeness. Encouragement and accountability contribute to this enhancement of your quality of life. Embodying your power and greatness in self mastery gives you the life satisfaction you have been seeking. You experience a richer engagement in life as a result, feeling whole, alive and free to be.

Freedom is the capacity “to become what we truly are”.

– Nietzsche