Small Business

As a business coach and small business owner, I relate.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner…..You KNOW This!

  • Feeling like you do it all – because you do.
  • Knowing it’s just easier to do it yourself – because you can’t rely on other’s quality.
  • Wearing many hats to keep it all hummin’ – being pulled in so many directions.
  • Making headway in one area – only to be called to put out a fire in another.
  • Having no time for yourself – what’s important to you (loved ones, fun) ain’t happenin’.
  • Feeling isolated and alone under the weight of it all – because the buck stops here!

There IS a Better Way!!!
Grow Your Business AND Take Back Your Life

As your business life coach, I will help you:

  • Learn the stages of small business growth.
  • Identify the different roles needed to cover all the bases.
  • Recognize the pitfalls of being an entrepreneur – and avoid falling into the gaps.
  • Leverage your strengths to actually enjoy what you’ve created.
  • Utilize leadership skills and tools that support you taking charge of your life.
  • Connect with others who know how to support you because they’ve been there, done that!

The people who focus on what is will create more of what is. And the people who focus on what could be, will begin to create “what could be”.

– Robert Fritz

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