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I’m an avid reader, just as Bill Gates is.  I reviewed one of his recent blogs, where he named some of his best reads from this past year.  How Children Succeed by Paul Tough was one of them.  Although I haven’t read this one, I did like the review that Bill offered.  Paul Tough recognizes how the success of children often is measured in intelligence or other test scores.  Perhaps this is stemming out of the old model of education – success is measured by a child’s ability to score well on a test, but not necessarily by how much creativity they demonstrate, or perseverance they have exhibited or optimism they have  perhaps had to maintain in a challenging life circumstance.  Paul Tough’s point is that success is more about grit and curiosity and the hidden power of character; in fact, that is his subtitle.

Young people today, in applying for college scholarships, must demonstrate their community service, their leadership in different roles, and their creativity in projects they have completed, as well as scoring well on entrance exams.  This hands-on experience demonstrates that the person is able to apply his smarts out in the world, that he can use his character strengths of curiosity, perseverance and optimism to go the distance.

What does this have to do with business?  Well, I believe these are the traits that contribute to a successful business as well.  Having a business plan that draws on your creativity and positive outlook marries well with the perseverance to carry it out.  This holds true whether you’re a Type A or an artist type; grit and positive character are the foundation for success.  Success is measured in far greater terms than the profit you make;  gratification in having done your best offers unmeasurable value.

How do you measure your success?

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