Wellness: Enough already

“Thousands of things go right for you every single day.” Rob Brezsny

Do you see the cup half empty or do you see the cup half full?  We are all too familiar with the sense of craving; our culture reinforces us to want more.  The truth is that we live in overwhelming abundance; we already have most of what matters most to us.  Our cup really is full – we really have/do/are enough already.  Connecting to our profound sense of being takes us to that underlying fullness.  We connect inside of ourselves to our natural goodness, our spirit.

Wellness implies that you would take care of yourself.  This often entails “having” or “doing” many things to achieve this.  And it is so easy to keep our focus on the cup half empty – the exercise I can’t seem to fit into my schedule, the sugar or soda I can’t seem to do without, the balance in life I just can’t get a handle on.  One of Deepok Chopra’s health meditations speaks to allowing your body to take care of you.  The body knows instinctively what you need, and offers it abundantly, infinitely.  Think of this as something breathing you, as life taking care of you.  This Intelligent Wisdom activates our natural healing system, and we need only to minimize our negative influence.  Getting out of the way, and responding from within, listening to what this Intelligent Wisdom would have us do to experience the miracle we live in everyday – we live in enough already.  More than a thousand things go right for us every single day that contribute to our well-being.  Take note and Celebrate!

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