The Power of Feeling Good

Ever notice that when we’re not at our best, everything seems to go wrong?  A cranky mood can adversely affect outcomes, not to mention diminish our joy in life.  And the converse is true as well.  It is our emotion that powers the intentions we put forth.  While our attention directs our energy, our emotion powers our energy – so it is in our best interest to keep our mood positive.  Easier said than done!

Here are some suggestions for turning around a cranky mood.  Take a deep breath, and then take another.  Step back from the situation that seems to be contributing to the negativity.  Smile – you’d be surprised at how that changes one’s chemistry.  State “This , too, shall pass”  for everything, I repeat, everything changes eventually.  Drink in a good dose of nature.  Sigh vigorously, expelling the unwanted emotions.  Let go, just for now.  March in place for 1 minute vigorously.   State 5 things you are grateful for.  Remember  the coolest time of your life.  Intend to feel good – it’s a choice – you are in control of your reaction to any circumstances.  And following Martha Beck’s  (life coach; author) advice:  “If you’re stuck on a negative feeling, make something: a poem, a pie, a blog. Creativity pulls your brain into a happy place.”—Martha Beck, Daily Coach Tips

Feeling good gives us pleasure, plus it powers our pursuits towards a more positive outcome.  I’m in a happy place as I just wrote this blog!   enJOY