Life coaching for women: Start over

In the course of our lives, how many times do we find ourselves starting over?  More than we can count, I’d say, for life has so many beginnings/endings/beginnings as we flow in that river of change.  And more than not, I’d say we find ourselves going ‘round full circle, back at a starting point.  Life expands in a spiral fashion, not in a linear one.  So honing your skills in starting over is a good thing – not a sign of weakness.  It shows your ability to learn from your experience, and have the courage to tweak your path to better include your dreams, growing and expanding in your own wisdom.  This takes determination and character.

Late American writer, John Steinbeck, wrote a story called The Red Pony, that holds a poignant message for us.  In the story, young Jody wakes up on the second of February crying in the night.  His mother hears him cry and calls to him, “Jody, you’re dreaming.  Wake up and start over again.”  Yes, we are dreaming, and when our dream life doesn’t satisfy us, we must wake up; we must consciously face the dissonance we feel, and choose to start over again.  Staying connected to our dreams, AND being willing to alter our course, even start over on a better course if needed, will support the unfolding of what makes our life satisfying and fulfilling.

Be not afraid…….wake up and start over again.

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