Believing is Seeing

You know the phrase:   “ I’ll believe it when I see it”?  Well, actually, reversing that phrase is how it really works – I’ll see it when I believe it.  Keeping a vision while having grit to do the work necessary requires a belief in yourself, a commitment, in order to “see it”.  The first phrase requires external evidence first in order to inspire or motivate into action – the second phrase draws upon internal confidence, a knowing that you’ll do what is necessary to realize your vision.  How much do you want your goal to be realized?  How committed are you to take all the small steps that pave the road towards your dream?  How would you rate your grit?   Facing an obstacle is an opportunity to test these features.  It becomes apparent that you can’t just dream about what you want – you must do the work.  Are you all in?

Jonah Lehrer in his book Imagine  says there is an 80%:20% proportion of grit to relaxation.   He was addressing the process of work  – lots of it – to leverage the breakout principle of creativity/imagination:  when you hit a wall in your efforts, you take a break, relax, and allow your right brain to put the missing pieces together towards a resolution that allows you to advance.  He was speaking of how creativity is a series of mental processes.  Creating your business falls under this same guideline.  Lots of grit, demonstrating a commitment to your success, a belief that you will see this vision through towards realization, goes a long way………actually, all the way to success!

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