Women’s small business: The 3 P’s of Powering your Product

Every successful business needs to identify the niche it will target.  This “ideal” client is the person you will be doing business with, whether your product is a service or an item.  Getting clear about your niche happens by knowing what your passion is, who your people are and what your purpose is, for this ideally should resonate with your “ideal” client.  What you have to offer is exactly what they need.

Your passion will energetically resonate with potential customers.  They also will be interested in being excellent leaders, teachers, servicing the public, fixing things, well-being, creative expression, etc.  So aligning with the passion that powers your efforts is like the magnet that draws a person towards you that will be a good fit; they already resonate with your energy.  Secondly, the people you reach in your marketing are already active in their (and your) area of passion.  They have done some reading, taken classes, and are interested in improving in this area; they are sometimes referred to as your “tribe”.  And they want more….which you have to offer them.  Thirdly, stating your purpose clearly allows them to align with you, as they share this with you.  They can come on board and join with something they are already committed to.

Let’s view an example of how this may look.  Let’s say your passion is being super organized; you love the order and efficiency of a streamlined system.  So you market to people who also want this in their lives:  mothers, office managers, inventory specialists, etc.  Your market can be narrowed to align with who you most resonate with…let’s say helping new mothers.  Your purpose is named in how you present your service or product:  the solutions you have to meet their needs.  Maybe you use language like ease in adjusting to having a baby to care for, or time to enjoy this stage of life, or convenience and efficiency, etc.  These solutions are presented, not as what a great product you’re offering, but rather as how it will be the perfect solution to what is needed and important to your potential client.

Remembering to use the 3 P’s as you target your ideal customer, can eventually lead to the 4th P:  prosperity!

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