Women’s small business: Keep starting

Keep on starting and finishing will take care of itself.     –  Neil Fiore

We underestimate the power of baby steps; simply taking action in a consistent way will take us right up to finishing.  It seems like starting all over again on some days, but truthfully, you never replicate the exact conditions of every start point; you have new information, you continue to integrate and evolve in your life path, and you bring all of that to each start point.  The point is:  keep at it!  This is fueled by your passion and conviction/commitment to put out to the world what can only be your expression, your contribution to the world.  This gives you the energy to keep starting.

So this message is about taking baby steps, it’s about taking consistent steps, and it’s about believing that you have something to offer….so just keep starting.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” ~ Bruce Lee from Striking Thoughts

This quotation beckons us beyond our mental attitude and calls on our fortitude to take action on our ideas and plans.  This is the challenge:  to take action!  This is why self-help books are so popular; people need help, and can get great solutions or strategies in a book.  But actually implementing these action steps to affect the desired change rarely occurs.  Having a structure and accountability supports this change/ integration part of the process.  So establishing this structure and support for yourself to help take the steps you want to grow your business can help you actually make it happen.  This can look like a peer support group, or a class, or a mentor or a life coach – you commit to this structure to keep investing in your growth process, small step by small step.  You build in external support when your inner conviction wanes…so you can keep starting.

And each step leads you further down the road to your desired goal.  Actually taking that step sheds light on the next and the next and the next….you must keep starting to light up the road ahead.

You can only see as far as your headlights let you, but you can make the whole trip that way.  E.L.Doctorow

Start now!

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