Women’s Life Coaching: On Courage

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  -Nelson Mandela

In memoriam of Nelson Mandela, an icon, a hero, an activist, an inspiration for all….his courage and fierce dignity, his passion for freedom and equality changed the course of history and  transformed South Africa.  He was a leader who did more than advise – he led by example.  Not even years in prison could break him.  He chose love rather than hate….he chose love rather than fear.

We all know fear.  Of course, our fears may be nothing compared to Nelson Mandela, but then maybe they are!  It is so subjective, and anyway, it’s dangerous to compare.  We ALL have our challenges.  And the point Mandela makes is not about how much fear …..we all feel afraid.  It’s about facing those fears.  The moment we decide to take on our fears instead of being enslaved to them……..well, then their intimidation can shrink.  Not that they go away, but more that we are resetting our course, from fighting our fears to moving beyond our fears.  Something is more important than wrestling with our fear.  So the fear becomes smaller as we engage our whole self – our observing self, our mental and physical self – we are more than our emotion.

Our fear keeps us playing small.  I remember how empowering it was the first time I took on my fears about sailing.  I was terrified in my first tumultuous storm, and didn’t get back onboard the next morning to sail to the next island – I took the ferry.  And felt SO much worse for surrendering to the fear.  I wanted to sail more than anything, so I took my fear on!  I chose my LOVE of sailing rather than my fear.  I learned all it had to teach me about safety, trusting the boat and the captain, even learning how to captain my own ship eventually!  Fear became my teacher instead of my foe…….and opened me up to SO much more……I get to play BIG!

What harbor are you lingering in, playing it safe?  Cape Fear?  Set your sites on what calls you beyond……….choose love rather than fear. You are braver than you believe………believe it!

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