The Truth of Life Coaching

“The way of the Creative is to win others’ hearts through following the truth within ourselves.”    I Ching

Ahhh……the truth within ourselves.  What exactly is that?  Our truth…our true self.  We hear that all the time.  Other words for this may be integrity, sincerity, passion, strengths, authentic self…whatever brings us alive, whatever lights us up, in other words.   Mark Nepo, in The Book of Awakening, states:  “Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn’t change, even though the life that carries it may change.”

Life coaching is about identifying this treasure, this essence, and cultivating its expression.  It typically involves uncovering in order to allow the discovering of it.  We have so much layering of quieting or even silencing this inner voice; we first need to be willing to listen , and to countermand the fears that arise when we do listen.  As our essence breaks through the layering and fears, we connect with the unmistakable deep knowing of ourselves We need to be willing to believe that our own inner wisdom, our own truth within ourselves, has a path to vitality for us.  Our first challenge is to listen; our second challenge is to allow our truth to bring form to our essence, our truth… deepen and to expand.  It’s our natural path.

Life coaching is a container of deep listening and reflecting; of freeing  your truth; of courage and support to trust your essence; and from your essence, creating form to a life of meaning and joy.

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