Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared.                    Buddha

Well-being is greatly improved with a smile.  First of all, physiologically, it takes less muscle effort to smile than to frown – less drain on your energy reserves.  Secondly, you consciously oppose whatever is leading you towards a negative response – you smile in the face of an adverse situation – you are bigger than what opposes you.  And finally, a smile is a game changer – it becomes contagious to others and at the very least, changes the rules of resistance.

Well-being and healing are generated in a state of relaxation.  It is difficult to frown or hold negativity in a relaxed state.  But choosing to consciously smile when stress weighs you down can be a simple movement towards returning to that state of self-healing. This takes a bit of awareness that you’re leaking energy in negativity, along with an intention to direct your energy in a constructive path.  But the tool is simple:  when you become aware of being stressed or in a negative state, simply take a deep breath and allow yourself to smile.  You can enhance that experience by allowing your smile to send sunshine throughout your entire being, so that this positive energy replaces the unwanted negativity.  And building on this, you can then allow your smile to send this positive energy from your being to others – your energy will not be decreased – in fact, it just may multiply, and return to you.  There is greater chance you’ll receive this warm message from others when you choose to shine the warmth of your being on others.  We all love sunshine more than dark clouds.

Allow yourself to smile – you get to feel good.   Be well!

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