Play to Win

In one of the campaign’s central rituals, Mr. Obama played basketball on Tuesday, because he believes that he does not win when he does not play.        Helene Cooper 11-6-2012  NY Times


First, I’m not making a political endorsement in use of this reference to President Obama; I’m simply struck with the universal truth of his belief stated here.   Being “in the game” is a necessary requirement to even enter the possibility of winning.

Using this metaphor as a template for business growth can help you get a handle on where you are as a player.  Is your game (business) of an individual nature or a team game?  Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, you have team players in your support network: bank, accountant, legal, IT, colleagues, etc.  What is your warm-up program, so you show up 100%?  And your maintenance program, so you sustain for the long haul?  Having a business plan, with concrete action steps that move you forward to your win every day, can keep you in the game as a solid player; no matter what the external circumstances you encounter, staying consistent with your plan empowers you in a way that reacting to variables presented outside of your control does not.  Is your game offense or defense?  I hope it is a balance of both, as marketing your products/services is balanced with negotiating the trends/challenges of current circumstances.  And what about taking a long shot (comfort with risk) or reversals (going with an unexpected opportunity)?  And can you learn, even while you are on the bench (time out for business plan review, market study, etc.)?  There are many aspects of the game to attend to.

No matter what level of business you are playing in, these basic game principles can guide you to become the MVP (most valuable player), and lead you to winning the game……..your business success!

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