Listen to yourself

In order for us to move forward, we have to let go of the past. If our thoughts are stuck in what used to be, what is, or what could have been, then we have no room in our head for thoughts of what could be, what we want, or what would bring us happiness.  Malinda Dowsett, Lani Barna, authors of Change Your Conversation, Change Your Life

Changing our story begins with listening to how we tell it, listening to our conversations.  If you notice your language being more on the past than the present, more negative than positive, more about regrets and unfulfilled dreams, then you have an opportunity to choose to script a different story.  Each word you use charts the way for more of that experience.

Healing from past hurts and traumas is part of the healing process towards becoming whole; this is necessary therapeutic work to attaining a sense of self that is held in honor, compassion and positive self-regard.  Changing your story first involves this healing process.   Changing the language can begin to shift the energy as part of this healing journey.

But if you’ve done this work in therapy, and continue to speak in the past framework, it’s like wearing old clothes that you’ve outgrown.  It’s time to update your program to include the new story, with new language, which directs your path to new behaviors. Life coaching draws upon your ability to let go of the past and focus on your becoming.  It holds the premise that you are whole, resourceful and creative, and has you focus on your desire to expand and thrive in the spirit of your unique being.

You can increase your awareness of your language used to describe your experience by simply listening to how your share your day.   As you notice words that hold meaning that no longer resonates with you,  restate any word or phrase with a better choice to tell the story you wish to grow into….word by word…step by step.

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