Creativity is energy, an energy capacity that we are born with, and that we are immersed in.  We often are not conscious of this life force energy all around us, much like fish immersed in water.  It is a mystery; we can see the effects of it, but cannot see the essence of it, much like the wind.  It is like a flicker/flame/fire within us, and it is in our care, much like our earthly bodies.  Being a good steward of our inborn gift, we must kindle this spark and manifest our creativity in our own unique expression.

Winter solstice celebrates light, as do all of the holidays during this season.  We make ice globes at our house to celebrate the Light, and honor the Light within.  May you embrace your creative spark, fuel your creative energies, and manifest your creative expressions, bringing more Light to your world.  Thank you for shining your spirit.

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