Life Coaching for Women: Arete`

I love language and learning new words; this is my most recent discovery.  It is a Greek word that essentially means “excellence” or “living out one’s potential”.  During the Greek games, it referred to young men performing to excellence athletically.  But it was also used more generally to reference good character, virtue, and living up to excellent standards.  It was one of the highest ideals of Greek culture.

Think Arete’ – live with Arete’.

This is what life coaching is all about….supporting you in living in your excellence, in your highest potential.  It’s a call to your higher self, to have courage to take that risk and stretch yourself, simply because you can, because you must…. play BIG.

Fear is a major obstacle with Arete’…it cautions us to play it safe, to stay in hiding, to not rock the boat but rather stay in the comfort zone.  Some of the consequences of not living with Arete’ are boredom, restlessness, guilt, depression, and anxiety.  Living with Arete’ requires us to be awake, to live consciously, and to show up, be fully engaged, no matter what we are doing…to be our best in ALL of our living.  And living with Arete’ has its benefits:  gratification of doing your best, radiance in being fully alive and engaged, inner peace for doing the right thing, increased confidence in expanding your range.

So what is the longing you have, that also has fear accompanying it?  What does it take to find a way through the fear so you can live with Arete’?  I believe our fears are pointing the way to Arete’ in our life path…use them as signs; leverage your fears, for your good, and the good of all.   Think Arete’!!!

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