Life as Teacher – Life as Art

The challenge is to find ways to shape your life around the flow of change, the experience of uncertainty, and the advantages of dissolving environments.                                                                                                 Life Launch: A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life – F. Hudson & P. McLean

Making a life of one’s own is a project in and of itself.  Taking responsibility for your life direction amidst the constant change is like sailing your boat; it requires you to keep your hand on the tiller while responding to the winds of change.  Developing a keen eye for wind shifts, currents, other traffic improves your ability to sail more smoothly in that constant flow of change.  The optimum is to be captain of your own ship.

1)What I experience when sailing is that the process is one of relationship- moving my vessel in tandem with the elements, so that we work together rather than in opposition. 2) All the information is available to me as I observe – using that information wisely is the key to smooth sailing. (This is the Life as Teacher part)   3) Leaning into the wind is a way to capitalize on resources available; setting the sails is a way to harmonize these forces for the best outcome.  (This is the Life as Art part)   These are key strategies that I will expound upon in further blog posts.

With this constant change comes the experience of uncertainty.  Even the best laid plans are vulnerable to changing conditions – we just cannot know for sure.  Evenso, having a plan, a vision allows us to be as prepared as we can, with flexibility to tweak it over and over as current conditions present themselves.  We have to hold a vision (Purpose) along with room to alter the exact course to realize it.  The “what” of our vision is open to the “how” of its realization.  The uncertainty can offer opportunities that we could not have foreseen – conditions dissolve and new horizons present new opportunities.

Life as Art asks us to be “Ready – Set – Flow”

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