Keep Moving

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.           –Will Rogers

Life coaching encourages action.  After time is spent uncovering and discovering what moves you – passions, purpose, values – and you become aligned with that energy, then it’s time to move into that plan that provides a step by step path to realize your goals.  Your originally designed plan is the place to start, but surely as you move forward, you continue to get new information that will modify your plan over and over, tweaking it to lead you home, so to speak.  And life goes on, even if you stop in your tracks.  An image that resembles this feature would be a car, sitting on the side of the freeway, while others continue on their way.  Maybe you need to pause to recheck your route, but eventually, you must move forward to make it to your destination.

This tiny lesson was brought to me while I was biking one day on a new trail.  I stopped to check the trail map, as the terrain looked like it simply looped back.  The map, of course, was sketchy, and the terrain wasn’t telling; I even asked a pedestrian for clarification, but got no certainty about how to proceed.  Meanwhile, the bicycles were whizzing by me.  So I decided to just bike straight ahead, even if all signs brought uncertainty, and sure enough, just around the bend, the path opened up, as the map had indicated.  My movement forward (on faith or simple investigation of what lies ahead) gave me the information needed to proceed in full commitment once again.

Finding our way takes faith in ourselves and commitment to our goals, along with steady, consistent action, especially if the signs are not clear.  Just keep movin’ – stay in the flow – and the way will continue to show itself to you.

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