Get Plenty of Rest

Winter is conducive to resting.  The darkness and cold naturally take us inward to rejuvenate through rest as opposed to launching a new project – this activity is more in rhythm with spring.  But our rest can have activity that is reflective, reviewing, revising our strategic plan for the new year.  Often we just keep going, just keep doing what we’ve always done for our business.  The end of the year is a great time to review more than the bottom line in our business;  great benefit can be had through taking time to review what is working/not working in the business, and begin to set out plans to make the changes needed to aim more accurately in the next business cycle.

Here are some review questions:  Name the strengths/wins of your business this past year

Name at least 2 challenges you face

Name at least 1 thing that you need to support your business

Reviewing the past is as important as envisioning the future – we can learn from history, from our own history and apply these lessons for greater success in the New Year.


May you have a prosperous and joyful New Year!

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