Don’t worry – be happy

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were this easy?  When life strife takes over, our fear can make us think (and feel) the worst.  Engaging with those fears takes us down a slippery slope.  It is easier to choose a different channel right away rather than being taken in by the negativity.  And our reaction, our response to any of life circumstances is ALWAYS a choice.  And when life is really challenging, this choice often is moment by moment.

So what channel is your choice?  Not the fear and worry – rather choose to focus on what you have in your life that you already love, and are grateful for.  Having gratitude for the life you have now is expansive energy; engaging with fear and worry is constricting energy.  Moving into a state of love shifts the energy into a constructive space.  Using this generic completion sentence can guide you to shift the energy:  “Even though I feel _____________, I totally and completely love and accept myself.”  Another version of this could be, “Even though I feel _____________, I choose to focus on what is good in my life.”

Making the choice to be thankful for the life you have created and for what is always being offered to you each day is your task. Investing your energy into acts of love and appreciation for your life and those in your life will expand to give you more of what you want.

And you know what?  Acting happy before you feel happy can be a powerful changer.  I smile a lot…whistle….sing….deeply breathe in the beauty of nature.  All of these actions can shift the energy in our bodies;  we are then broadcasting (and attracting) positive returns.

Don’t worry – be happy.  Sing along with Bobby McFerrin

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