Do Good

Well-being is as much about giving of yourself as it is about taking care of yourself.  Our acts of kindness and going the extra mile for someone are full of positive energy when they flow out of us naturally – that is, when we are filled up, we naturally overflow our energy onto others.  Sure, we can will ourselves to do the right thing…….and this intention is a good thing……..but the outpouring can happen naturally when we consistently nurture ourselves, and when we choose to share ourselves with others in a positive way.  This giving part of the equation cycles back to us, and works synergistically to increase what flows back for our receiving.  Everybody wins!

In fact, when people feel stuck, feel low energy, feel a “lack of”, giving of yourself when you feel the most empty is the way to turn around this flow of energy.  Doing good reverses the flow energetically.  Your generosity shifts the focus off of your “lack of”,  towards “abundance.” And you realize that you DO have something to give even if you don’t feel like it.  This is the stream you want to be flowing in!

Now I’m not talking about donating big sums of money or spending lots of hours doing something laborious (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with these acts of giving) – I’m suggesting going against yourself when you feel empty to offer a smile – a kind word – a touch….simply consciously reversing the direction of flow outwardly by doing good.  There is much wisdom in doing random acts of kindness.

Do good……it’s good for everyone’s well-being.  That is where our energy is moving – for the good of all.

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