Creativity: Pay attention to when the joy arises


The highest prize we can receive for creative work is the joy of being creative.               –Marianne Williamson

When people tell me that they are not creative, I ask them to tell me what they delight in doing.  I ask them to tell me what they are doing when time seems to disappear.  This is being in the creative zone:  totally immersed in the process, and totally lovin’ it!

My purpose is to entertain myself first and other people secondly.  

–John D. MacDonald

If people have not even had this experience, then I ask them to do something that would entertain them, make them smile, bring happiness.  This happens every day for me when I make a wonderful meal, and take pleasure in its presentation; I just have to admire the beauty of it all before I take succulent pleasure in it.  Or it happens when I pick up beautiful leaves or stones or seeds to decorate my space in a seasonal arrangement.  Or when I transform a bushel of apples into rosy-colored applesauce, all lined up in a row on my pantry shelf.  Maybe others notice this creation, maybe not.  What matters is that I’ve tapped into my creativity for my own pleasure.

Our creative spirit is the well-spring from which we transform our lives, deepening and expanding as we unfold into our becoming.  We don’t need to go looking for it; we need to uncover, discover, recover it…from all the conditioning we’ve experienced that has it buried within ourselves.  Listen for the cries of this lost part of yourself.  Pay attention to when the joy arises!

While the hero journeys for external fame, fortune, and power, the heroine tries to regain her lost creative spirit… Once she hears the cries of this lost part of herself needing rescue, her journey truly begins.”

– Valerie Estelle Frankel, From Girl to Goddess

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