Creativity: nature’s expression

Spring is a season of new life, nature’s expression of all its creative beauty.  All life forms have faithfully followed their nature’s expression in its cyclical forms.  The transformational process from a seed to sprout to blossom to fruit occurs without question; the light leads the way, and nature follows.  Each stage of this cycle is imperative for the next, and each yields to the next future pull naturally.

A caterpillar will never figure out a butterfly’s path; it must go thru the process.  We can learn from this humble creature.  We must simply and faithfully follow each small step as we are led by our creative nature within….doodle that idea that flashed through your mind today; call that resource you think might answer that question that feels like an obstacle; outline the template as a beginning structure….whatever calls you to action, go there, trusting the process.  This is like the trust, the knowing of the caterpillar, as it continues in their process.  The activity may seem obscure, unrelated to a larger vision, but the only way to get there is to go through the process, and have faith that you will fly as you realize your vision, and be transformed in the process.  You change with each step of the way, expanding, knowing more than you did before, ever faithful to your innate creative call from within.  Total trust in your creative nature brings your nature’s expression…….and gifts us all.

Creativity lies within each one of us; we are wired for creativity.  So it is our nature to express it, in our own style.  So many deny this innate feature of themselves, confining creativity only to the arts.  But everyone has made a life for themselves, and engages their creativity in the art of living, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Now take the next step, ok?  I want to see you fly!

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