Changing with the times

Change just keeps happening whether we’re ready for it or not.  And so we must embrace it, for our resistance is simply a delay in our adapting, and eventually brings about more problems by digging in our heels.

I am reading a book about the new learning culture that is needed in our education system.  Our education system was established back when information was more stable; facts were taught that were reliable, and students were expected to learn and repeat that information.  This model is still being used today, but the information that is coming at us and changing the “facts” so quickly does not lend itself to this model.  Students get current information from the internet rather than encyclopedias; students learn more from each other than one teacher or textbook.  So the author was making a case for embracing the technologies that drive learning today and cultivating the collective learning culture.

How does this apply to growing a business?  We must stay in tune with the changing needs of our customers, and be flexible in how we can meet them.  Adapt your delivery to embrace technologies available, such as online trainings, conference call meetings, virtual tours, etc.  What would add to the convenience of your customer to easily receive what you have to offer?  Home delivery, free tutorials, relevant information to their stage of life?  How can you capitalize on the growing social networks that can spread the word about the great business you do?  What can you offer that meets the changing needs of the client right where they are?  How can you support collective learning?

Embracing change means not only being on top of your game, but anticipating how to stay ahead of the game.  Your customer needs you to do this, and your business depends on you doing this. Keep movin’ with the times……… that constant flow of change.

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