Business Success: The Marriage of Vision and Grit

Small business coaching usually addresses both the vision and the steps necessary to realize that vision.  Usually people are stronger in one feature over another – they can envision, think big, set the bar high – or they are hands-on, practical, working the steps in order to kick the can down the road.  This contrast is often seen in couples, in that opposites attract: one partner can be an idealist while the other is practical.  However, a small business owner must draw upon both of these functions to ensure success.

The visionary is like having an eagle’s perspective (NOT having your head in the clouds!) such that the larger picture is clear, indicating destination and the path to get there (direction).  This alone lacks follow through – good ideas with feeble or zero results.  But ideally, you’re soaring!

The practical work done is like a worker bee such that results materialize due to consistent efforts without knowledge or concern of the overall plan.  This alone can be purposeless effort and lead to dead ends or detours  from desired results…a lot of buzz with little progress.

The healthy marriage of these 2 aspects can balance and empower your business success.  Staying consistent with the grit of small steps that are consistently aligned with your vision is a winning combination.  This means looking up from the grindstone to review and revise the action steps as necessary to stay on course towards achievement of your goals.  Like a healthy marriage, it requires open communication and willingness to adapt, so as to honor the strengths of both aspects.  Drawing on the best of both leads to the success you envisioned, and that is cause for celebration.   So let’s toast!