As we near the year’s end, many are taking account of work done, profits/loss, etc.  Tracking the plan/goal and how it has progressed is a vital part of seeing your plan through to its outcome.  Discipline is not everyone’s strength.  Many people love to generate new ideas, envision the desired outcome, but then fall short when the effort necessary isn’t put forth or sustained.  Holding yourself accountable to follow through with your action steps is the other bookend to goal achievement.

Woody Allen says that 80% of success is showing up.  That means taking steps consistently to move forward in your goal achievement.  This is the work – grit it is called – that must take place to bring your vision into form.  It is a resolve, a commitment to stay the course, do what is needed to manifest your dream/desire.  It always requires effort but you can push through resistance much easier if you are motivated by your values. For example, it is easier to act on behalf of well-being, feeling energized, and trusting yourself for self-care than it is to think about getting yourself on that treadmill for 30 minutes, just because you set a goal to do this X5/week.  Connecting to your values helps you step towards that good feeling of health rather than having the aversion or feeling the resistance to getting your body moving in walking exercise.

Life coaching often is the structure, the support built in to help you stay the course until you realize your goals.  Essentially, it is a commitment to yourself to keep yourself accountable and actually do what you really want to.  If it was easy, you already would have done it.  But the work, the grit often interferes with making progress.  Other ways to hold yourself accountable are getting a buddy to answer to regarding taking the steps you’ve promised yourself, or doing just a small step to get you started each day – often once you enter the task, the momentum can build for you to continue forward.

Breaking down your tasks into doable steps, getting encouragement and support when you don’t feel like doing the work, and acting focusing on your values, rather than the effort needed, are all vital components to accountability – making an accounting to yourself as you progress towards your success.

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